ISBN 1-74011-030-7
210x135mm, 160 pages
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With flags flying

Recollections of an Australian Community Bandmaster

Shirley Goodbar

With Flags Flying is not just a story for musicians and those interested in Bands, it is a tale which can be understood and enjoyed by anyone and everyone. The author was founder and Director of Music of the Port Macquarie Hastings Community Band and writes with the knowledge and authority that comes with 15 years of involvement.

The reader is taken into the world of a country Town Band and invited to be part of the story, sharing its frustrations, failures and success. Almost every Community Band faces difficulties in its day to day running, and for Country Bands, some problems are unique to them.

In the case of Port Macquarie, band membership competes with the ever present lure of the surf, the attraction and overemphasis on sport, and the simple fact that so many younger members leave town to seek employment elsewhere. Shirley Goodbar faced these many problems with courage and good humour and leaves behind in Port Macquarie a legacy of rare dedication, something its former members will comment on when, in years to come, they will say with pride … ”I was a member when Shirley Goodbar was Band Director”.