Shirley Goodbar

Shirley Goodbar’s twin activities of writing and music began in early childhood. Her music was a natural gift fostered by musical parents. They moved her towards literature by introducing her to libraries and reading before she started school. Throughout her life she has moved back and forth between the two disciplines as opportunities presented themselves, often using one to foster the other.

Shirley’s creative writing started in Ohio USA in the 1950s as a treatment for Cabin Fever—a mind-numbing condition suffered by young mothers with large broods confined by snow over the roof. It began as poems and stories about, and for, her children. In 1965, she and her husband and all five children migrated to Australia, primarily to escape the “snow over the roof”.

Over the past fifty years Shirley has written several series of newspaper columns published in both Australia and America. For the past twenty years she has been actively involved in the Society of Women Writers (Qld), and The Fellowship of Australian Writers (NSW), several times serving as judge for poetry and short story competitions.

Shirley started and completed two university degrees after her fiftieth birthday, and feels honoured by her grandson’s description of her as “an eternal student”.